Modern Greenhouses

Our cutting-edge greenhouse systems are designed according to modern requirements. These greenhouses include: glass greenhouse, polycarbone greenhouse, polyethylene greenhouse and combi greenhouse (polycarbon walls and polyethylene ceiling). Steel construction that is used during the building of the system are galvanised and protected against corrosion for many years. Ceiling is designed to be robust against a weight of heavy snow and wind 120-130 km/s. Ventilation windows are designed in the form of single and double (butterfly). Besides, according to your requirements additional ventilation can be constructed from aside as well. Ground and groundless plant options and highly automated controlling systems are waiting for its customers.

Refrigerated Warehouses

Refrigiated warehouses are very important in the economy of the country. Keeping products cold is a very important proccess between production and conspumption. Producers, transporters and consumers are interested in keeping cold the products which can be spoiled by the impact of temprature changes. This sector requires seriousness, sustainability and responsibility. To be trusted and reliable for our clients in this sector we are focused on 3 points:
  • 1) Keep quality of products with the help of high-tech, long-lasting and energy saving sytems
  • 2) Projecting, montage and customer friendly service
  • 3) Tracking systems and Remote controlling

Coco Substrate Supply (IG by Pelemix)

Pelemix is the leading company in the coir – cocopeat substrate market for Hydroponics growers and nurseries. Coir- cocopeat is used world wide as a growing media for various hydroponics crops, nurseries, plant propagation,and bedding plants both in its pure form as well as in the many specialized mixtures suited for different growing regimes. Pelemix makes use of the most modern technologies and machinery along with high quality materials to produce different blends of coir – cocopeat based substrates which are used in all forms of horticulture. Pelemix is the only Israeli company, which has production facilities to process the raw material in Sri-Lanka and India, and supplies a whole range of products – from the raw material itself, up to the final derivative. Pelemix provides its clients with a follow up service by an agronomist on a regular basis and on special requests. Pelemix’s production process is carefully monitored through a modern laboratory, a Research and Development Center and through the services of a highly respected agronomy-consulting firm.

Pennasol - High-Quality Lubricants Distribution

“Pennasol” offers you everything that you need about high-quality lubricants – whether mineral oil dealer or industrial company. Whether you require your high-quality lubricant inside or outside of the EC, we can provide this in small quantities! PENNASOL have multi-facetted talents when it comes to possible applications. Branded lubricants from PENNASOL meet all specific requirements of automobile and machine manufacturers, which are confirmed by recommendations of the brand as standard. PENNASOL lubricants offers you state-of-the-art lubricant technology and optimum solutions! PENNASOL represent a high degree of security and quality. You are provided with PENNASOL lubricants in attractive containers, which correspond to modern times and reflect present day trends. Your customers will be satisfied! PENNASOL oils it not expensive products which are made absolutely of new base oil and are allowed to application by leading world car makers Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Porsche, Renault, Yamaha, Volvo, MAN, Scania, Caterpillar.

Voulis - Auto Cleaning Chemistry Distribution

VOULIS chemicals company specializing in manufacturing auto chemistry since 1983.This is one of the largest companies in the European market autochemistry. In the development, production and distribution of car care products company focuses onquality and excellent customer service. In laboratories VOULIS chemicals have the opportunity to study and perform all types of manufacturing processes for products related to the market autochemistry. VOULIS chemicals chemistry is a highly concentrated car wash, car shampoo, cleaning the cabin, the means to care for the tires and wheels, and a large assortment of aerosol lubricant products for plumbing section.VOULIS chemicals - this is an excellent result at a competitive price.