About company

The company builds modern greenhouse and refrigerator warehouses, and all the days of the week, 24 hours a day engaged in the implementation of the service. Our specialists are regularly sent on a business trip to foreign countries to increase their professional level and as a result of they can work with latest technologies.

Turkish company, a producer of greenhouse and iron construction A-Sera, Karaca Sulama Otomosyon, Pelemix (from Israel) and other companies have opened representative offices in Baku.
By cooperating with various foreign companies “IG Agro” colud start an international trasnportations activity. With the help of professional truck drivers and latest technological tranportation automobiles our team can solve the hardest tranportation issues for its clients very easily from one point to another in Azerbaijan and in other countries.

We are official representative of “A-Sera” greenhouse construction company in Azerbaijan. A-Sera, comprised of professionals in its industry, is a company that is engaged in supply and installation of greenhouse and other farm equipment and machines. The equipment and greenhouses that are installed by the company are reasonably priced, cutting-edge, and competitive in the market. In parallel to these, our firm is in the close cooperation with the producers of machine and agriculture from Turkey, Holland and the prominent of the world. We can also provide our supply and installation services under a long term leasing with acceptable terms. As a company, goal of A-Sera is a provision a system by researching cutting-edge technologies of the field that will be quality, efficient, and profitable basing on methodogical activities and production condition of the country. Aim of A-sera is meeting international standards and being highly competitive.